Welcome to the Frederick Nolan website
(a sort of autobiography in the making)

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Welcome to
the Frederick Nolan website!

Just so you'll know me
if we bump into each other ...

That's me (on the right)
with Mark Twain:
(actually a Twain impersonator
and a darn good one)
named Roger Bingham,
who I met a few years ago
at a frontier outpost in
Jack Slade country:
Virginia Dale,Wyoming.

(Photograph by the late Daniel Patterson.)

 So what's a street kid from Liverpool
doing hunting outlaws in Wyoming?

It's a long story,
sort of an autobiography in the making, 
with lots of good stories and 
 interesting people
(among them Billy the Kid and Al Jolson).
But without you
they're just shadows, and it's just words.

So, please ... turn the page ...

and read on!

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